If you’ve been trying to find ways to switch it up in the bedroom, a new Google Glass app may be just what you’re looking for. “Sex with Glass” is a new app that boasts the ability to make couples “experience sex like never before.” The app records your sex sessions, then replays them from whatever perspective you would like.

Sex with Glass debuted at a Wearable Hackathon event in London in November, the Daily Mail reported. Sex with Glass developer, Sherif Maktabi, said he created the app in order to change the way people experience things. “We love using design and strategy to disrupt at scale,” said Maktabi, according to the Daily Mail. “So when we asked ourselves the question ‘How can we make sex more awesome with Google Glass?’ We came up with Sex with Glass.”

What is Google Glass?

Google glass is a wearable computing technology that operates via a head-mounted display that resembles glasses. The voice-activated computer interface sits just over your field of vision, presenting what CNN described as an “augmented reality” for its users. The hands-free “glasses” project data directly  in front of your eyes.

How does Sex with Glass work?

Sex with Glass is completely hands-free. Simply say, “Okay glass, it’s time,” and the app will begin streaming your risqué romp. The app can be programmed to turn off the lights for you, play some music to get you in the mood (“Okay, glass. Play Marvin Gaye.”), and even suggests fun positions upon request. When you want the streaming to stop, you can just say, “Okay glass, pull out.” At the end, the app puts all of the footage together for your viewing pleasure. You can then connect Sex with Glass to your phone and watch yourself from any angle.

Of course, most people look at this app and see it as a gateway to some pretty embarrassing public social media posting. But no need to worry. Much like photos on Snapchat, your videos will self-destruct. The app lets users view their video for up to five hours post-recording. Then they are deleted forever, never to be viewed again.

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When will Sex with Glass be available?

The app isn’t available to the public just yet. You can sign up on Sex with Glass’ website to receive updates on the software’s progress and when it may be available for purchase.