Of all mood disorders, bipolar is the most difficult to point out. It is good to know if one knows some signs of bipolar disorder; in that case, early detection can cause early diagnosis and treatment.

Moods of people who are experiencing this kind of disorder are fast changing; treatment can vary as the severity of the disorder can, too. Hypomania is experienced; in this state, the person with the disorder tends to laugh his heart out and feels euphoria to the highest level and enjoys the feeling while it lasts. This is the up mood of being bipolar. People who are on this state tend to embark on projects that are grandiose and ending finishing nothing when the hype dies down.

Other signs of bipolar disorder can be accounted for giving a person a feeling of great depression, and irritability. Seeing them depressed is like seeing other people without the disorder, and that is quite alarming. What you see as the normal depression that sets into an ordinary person is very different from what they are suffering from. They tend to be irritable and it happens in a snap of a finger.

Some might be having trouble with pressured speech. In this case, the person keeps on talking and not minding what other people have been trying to relate to him; in this stage, the person is not ready for a two-way conversation.

People exhibiting signs of bipolar disorder may have trouble at work at any given time. They are very hard to adjust to. They can’t complete tasks on schedule as there is a tendency to withdraw from focus when their moods change and it takes time for them to return to their normal mood. This disorder might be the result of drug or alcohol abuse. Some signs that can be manifested are having an unusual sexual behavior or mania. These cannot be controlled and can only be cured with the help of therapy and through the help of friends and family.

Altered sleep patterns are one of the signs of bipolar disorder. During manic phase, sleep is scarce and the afflicted person seems not to need sleep at all. There seems to be a lot to do all at the same time. It is the opposite when they are in a depressed mood as they tend to sleep a lot, lie on the bed, feeling sick, with a lot of body and muscle pains. This is one of the signs that have to be dealt with. Once you are aware that a friend is on this state, be wary of the things that can come up as consequences could arise anytime.

Furthermore, people who manifest signs of bipolar disorder can be treated if the person himself is honest and determined to be cured of the disease. Nothing is difficult once a goal is set; with the help of family and friends, add to it the professionals who are there to cure them. Thus, eradication, if not prevention, may not be far behind.