If you're thirsty for a healthy water source minus the plastic bottle, a London-based startup has created an all-natural, edible water bottle that may do the trick.

The invention, called “Ooho!” doesn’t look like your standard plastic bottle, but rather a small, jelly-like bubble. In the video below, the founders are shown eating their sustainable product, but is it safe to consume?

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There’s no known harm in eating the clear orbs that are made from seaweed extract. They’re reportedly tasteless, but flavors can be added, according to The Telegraph.

The membranes, which can be fully swallowed, are formed by dipping a block of ice in a solution of calcium chloride and brown algae. After it forms, a layer can be peeled off to assure it’s clean.

If you’d rather not eat the Ooho!, the founders suggest tearing a hole in it and pouring the liquid in your mouth. In addition to water, the membranes can store soft drinks, spirits, and other beverages.

The creators describe their product as “perfect for hydration on the go,” especially for marathoners and festival attendees. Their hope is that it will eliminate waste left behind by billions of plastic bottles every year.

Although the product hasn’t hit the shelves of stores just yet, Ooho!'s crowdfunding campaign seems promising. To date, more than 835 people have invested over $870,000 total. The money will be used to expand the reach of the product with a commercial lease, develop a retail machine, and attend events to promote the edible membrane.

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