Strokes are preventable 80 percent of the time, but are the the fifth leading cause of death among Americans. To spread awareness during May, which is American Stroke Month, WalletHub gathered up some interesting and surprising facts.

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According to the website, 795,000 people will experience a stroke each year, which is big enough to fill Yankee Stadium. About 133,000 people will die each year from strokes in the United States, putting them at number five behind heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases and accidents. Even if you don’t think you've experienced a stroke, the numbers indicate otherwise, as 35 percent of people have experienced a symptom of a mini-stroke. There is a name for this — it’s called ischemic attack, which prevents blood from flowing to the brain in most people.

In an ischemic stroke, the main treatment is to remove or burst the vessel blocking the blood flow. The other type of stroke, which is hemorrhagic, happens when a blood vessel in the brain bursts. This accounts for fewer strokes and the only treatment is to stop the bleeding. The key to survival is getting treatment quickly, and WalletHub says the best response time is about three to four and a half hours.

More than half of those who suffer from a stroke are women, and occurrences are expected to rise 20 percent over the next 18 years.

Strokes were previously the fourth leading cause of death, however, it has dropped to five due to medical advancements. WalletHub’s report shows that by 2030, the United States will spend about $183 billion on stroke treatments.There are currently 13 Noble Prize winners who receive funds from The American Heart Association to conduct research, and biotechnology company Biogen paid $120 million on an experimental treatment.

The best way to avoid a stroke is to monitor your health with regular check ups and stick to healthy habits. According to the American Heart Association, high blood pressure is the main cause of strokes. Thankfully this is also very controllable. Medications can be used to lower blood pressure, but healthy habits like exercising regularly, healthy eating, maintaining a healthy body weight. cutting back on sodium and limiting alcohol can all help.

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Smoking, also controllable even if it doesn’t feel like it, is another contributing factor. On its own, the nicotine and carbon monoxide from cigarettes damage the heart, making it easier for a stroke to happen. However, when used with birth control, studies have found that your risk can increase.

Having a large quantity of cholesterol can also cause blood clots, which in turn, cause strokes. Even the good, HDL, cholesterol might increase a man’s risk, however, more research is necessary to back this up. Some risk factors aren’t preventable, like age, genetics and gender, which makes it all the more important to focus on the ones you can.

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