Professional stuntmen setting up for the first day of Comic-Con in San Diego rescued a suicidal woman attempting to jump from the 14th floor of a building this past Thursday. The unidentified woman was transported to nearby UC San Diego Medical Center to undergo further evaluation.

Amos Carver, Gregg Sergeant, and Scot Schecter were working on a live stunt for the upcoming movie Kick Ass 2 when they heard gasps and screams coming from across the street.

The three stuntmen from the Los Angeles-based company 911 Stunts saw a woman hanging from the 14th floor of a balcony adjacent form the international comic book and pop culture event. After recognizing this was no stunt, the men immediately took action.

"We're trained to deal with these situations should they arise, but usually if we do, it's not an innocent civilian," Carver told ABC News.

"If we're saving somebody, it's a situation we constructed in such a way that they're out on the edge of life or death intentionally to get a certain shot [in a film], and we swoop in, but those are people that are expecting this."

Once gaining permission to enter the apartment from which the woman was hanging, the three men quietly made their way into the room without her knowing. When the men saw the woman "hanging with one hand and one foot off the ledge," Sergeant quickly restrained her in a bear hug while Schecter and Carver fastened harness gear around her body to ensure her safety.

"She just kept saying, 'I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry,' over and over again," Carver said of the woman, who turned out to be intoxicated and suffering stress from a recently severed relationship. "She was very distraught."

Although the three stunt coordinators insisted their actions were not heroic, they received a well-deserved "thank you" from San Diego Police.

"I was just so thankful we got there when we got there. I think if we'd been there two seconds later, she would've been gone," explained Sergeant.