Sunburn art is a visible tan line purposely burnt into the skin in a unique pattern. While the practice of creating sunburn art is nothing new, the trend has quickly taken social media by storm these past few weeks, much to the dismay of dermatologists everywhere.

Sunburn art is obtained by purposely covering up only one part of your body by either drawing shapes on the body with sunblock or adhering shaped stickers. "While it may be entertaining, it is intentionally exposing your skin to harmful ultraviolet radiation," explained Dr. Thomas Rohrer, a dermotologist who recently spoke about the trend with CBS.

Unfortunately, like many potentially dangerous trends, such as the Eraser Challenge and Cinnamon Challenge, sunburn art isn’t exactly new but has profoundly increased in popularity due to the widespread reach of social media. Tanning is dangerous no matter how flattering the glow may be. According to Dr. Deborah S. Sarnoff, sunburns can cause specific DNA damage to the skin, accelerate skin aging, and increase your lifetime risk of skin cancer.

So, if you would like to actually enjoy your summer and not spend it nursing your sunburn, please cover up your entire body with sunblock. And if you absolutely must take part in the trend (click "view slideshow" to see examples), try out a spray tan.