Authorities in the UK are still trying to sort out an incident involving a 19-year-old who stabbed his own mother before turning the knife on himself and cutting off his penis. Prior to the potentially fatal attack that could have resulted in either the teenager or his mother’s death, the young man who friends described as “lovely” and “bright” was reportedly taking the new street drug mephedrone, also known as "meow meow."

Teenager high on Meow Meow

Upon receiving the 46-year-old mother’s distressed 999 call, police arrived on the scene to find the teen hanging out of a window with blood soaking the area around his genitals. Following the attack on Dec. 29, both mother and son were rushed to separate hospitals with life-threatening wounds, Mirror Online reported. Luckily for the boy, doctors at University College London hospital were able to surgically reattach his penis. The mother remains at the Royal Sussex County hospital in Brighton where she is listed under stable condition.

Back in March 2010, Prime Minister of the UK, Gordon Brown, promised a crackdown on the drug that was categorized as a class B substance, second highest level of illegal narcotics in the UK. This classification carries a five-year jail sentence for users and places it in the same class as amphetamines and marijuana. The deaths of several teenagers in the UK were at the root of PM Brown and the National Association of Head Teachers’ ban.

What is Mephedrone?

Similar to the effects of more familiar “party drugs” such as cocaine, amphetamines, and MDMA, mephedrone provides the user with a euphoric sensation lasting, on average, two to four hours. Other than meow meow, this relatively new street drug is also known as "MCat," and "drone." It comes in crystal, capsule, or powder form and can be either swallowed or snorted. It has been linked to several deaths in the UK, Europe, and Australia.

In spite of its initial rush of euphoria, mephedrone users tend to develop a psychological dependence and often experience anxiety and paranoia. The drug can also lead to more severe health concerns including nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, memory loss, insomnia, increased heart rate, tremors, and lack of energy. The effects of mephedrone depend on the weight, height, and overall health of a person in addition to the amount that was taken and if it was combined with alcohol or any other drugs.