Asthma is among the most common respiratory afflictions brought on by environmental pollutants. It is a chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes that constrict the airways resulting in difficult breathing and wheezing.

Asthma affects different people differently. It is mostly brought on by allergens, tobacco smoke, or exercise, change in climatic temperature and condition. Here are few things to keep in mind when dealing with this bronchial disorder.

1. Asthma is not a psychological condition. It is a physical ailment that can be triggered off by emotional flare-ups.

2. You cannot banish asthma from your system completely. Children who have asthma may not get a bout during teenage years but can get it in adulthood.

3. There is no cure for the disease but can only be controlled. The condition should be taken seriously, since uncontrolled asthma may result in emergency hospitalization and possible death.

4. You have minimal chances of having asthma if your parents don’t have it but it increases to 30 percent if one of your parents has it.

5. It is non-contagious.

6. A new environment may temporarily improve asthma symptoms, but it will not cure asthma. However symptoms may return if you get sensitized to the new environment.

7. Avoid exercising in dry, cold air. It can trigger a bout of asthma. Moderate swimming in good weather is a better option.

8. Talk to your doctor to get an asthma management plan to include the medications used for quick relief and those used as controllers.

9. Despite reports, asthma medications are not addictive.

10. You cannot really have a false asthma attack. Some emotional issues can give you symptoms that can mimic asthmatic symptoms.