Most people assume that trimming your belly is a tough ask. The fact is that it isn’t if you keep track of an exercise routine and your diet, which for the most part consists of little things that one must keep in mind.

So here are some ten tips that will go a long way to flatten your stomach:


1. Eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours throughout the day instead of having 2-3 large meals that will get you feeling lazy and bloated.

2. One of the best snacks in the morning is to eat a handful of almonds which is not only healthy in many ways but it also contains protein that burns fat.

3. Since most people often mistake thirst for hunger, they tend to eat more thus putting on weight. And so, in drinking at least six to eight glasses of water every day, one will not only eat less but will find digestion much easier.

4. One important diet tip is to drop foods with bad carbs and include more fiber. Instead of white rice and bread, pasta and potatoes, try options such as brown rice and brown wheat bread. Fresh fruits and vegetables are excellent options for increasing your fiber intake.

5. Avoid whole milk and try skim milk instead.

6. Eat all your meals and stop three hours before bedtime. It makes a big difference.

7. And while keeping all these diet tips in mind, don’t stop eating all your favorite foods but indulge in them once in a while.


1. If you want to flatten your stomach, then remember that you have to exercise your entire body and not just the areas around your stomach to lose fat. And for this, walk or jog for 30 minutes, three times a week.

2. Performing at least two to three sets of crunches (15 reps) at least two to three times a week can burn that fat. Don’t waste your time doing situps, though.

3. If you wish to take this to the next level, then look for recognized exercise routines and program like Pilates, yoga as well as weight and cardio training so that your entire body gets a solid workout.