While our feet and legs are the most used body part but it is also the most neglected. The result is foot problems which may not be major health hazards but can be painful and embarrassing.

Here’s what you need to do to keep your feet in top shape:

1. Avoid very high heels and tight shoes or else you are in the danger of developing bunions where foot bones go out of alignment. In severe cases you may surgery. Relieve pain with bunion pads, shoe inserts and pain relievers.

2. For daily wear, pick up shoes that have about an inch or so of heel. This helps in supporting your foot’s natural arch and gives you a better posture.

3. To avoid calf muscles from getting contracted, do regular leg exercises, and calf and heel stretches. Curl your toes every once in a while to stimulate your arches.

4. Try picking up little marbles with your toes, and feet. This is a great mobility exercise for the 28 bones in your foot.

5. Flex your toes, and stretch your muscles every one hour to keep the blood flow regular.

6. If possible walk on sand or grass every day for 20 minutes to bring your legs and knees into shape.

7. Wear orthotic footwear to relieve stress on your back and ankles. Wear it on a regular basis when you go out on daily chores, and at home to improve posture, and prevent future problems.

8. Avoid prolonged hours of either sitting or standing. Ensure to elevate your feet 6 to 12 inches above your heart at night for a while to get the blood circulation going steady to your legs.

9. Avoid shoes that are too tight or pointy at the toes. Look for a comfortable fit to avoid ingrown toenails, and bunions.

10.Get a professional pedicure and foot reflexology every 15 days to keep your feet and heels soft