Nick Cannon has stepped off stage to take on the role as spokesman for the Theraflu’s Fluprint program, a five-step action plan to help prepare people for the flu season before it’s upon us.

As a celebrity host, performer, and father of two, Cannon found it important to work with nonprofit advocacy organization Families Fighting Flu in order to raise awareness about the Fluprint flu-prevention program and decrease the amount of people affected. The Fluprint program is a five-step plan to help make people as ready as possible for flu season, which peaks in January and February and can last until May.

“Theraflu’s Fluprint program gets everyone flu ready with simple steps,” Celebrity and Theraflu spokesperson Nick Cannon told Medical Daily. “You never want your own children susceptible to a virus just because they happened to be around other kids and receive the virus from them. You have to be careful in that sense but at the same time, that’s life and that’s why you have Theraflu to get through it.”

Each year more than 20,000 children are hospitalized for contracting influenza, and of those, 100 children die. Making sure your children are vaccinated by the time they’re 6 months old, and every year after that, is the most important step in flu prevention there is, aside from washing your hands, avoiding sick people, and keeping hydrated. Children are extremely susceptible because their immune systems are so young and need to mature to give them the best defense possible while playing with other kids and working with them in the classroom.

“Knock on wood, my children have never had the flu," Cannon said. His daughter Monroe and son Moroccan Scott, are 3-year-old twins, and the importance of keeping them healthy and vaccinated is of utmost importance for the 34-year-old father. Cannon also has to worry about his own immune system, which is down ever since his diagnosis with lupus nephritis, an autoimmune disease that causes kidney inflammation and requires medications that lower his immune system, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

“I was diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2012, so my immune system has to be at its highest and at its best tip-top shape, to say the least, because if I catch something, like the flu, it hits me pretty hard,” Cannon said. “I did receive flu shots before and continue to receive them today.”

The world has progressively become more aware of the flu and the importance of prevention. Many are deterred by receiving flu shots or bringing their children in for their annual shot because of the common and often inundating misconceptions surrounding vaccinations. The virus inside the flu shot cannot cause the flu or infection because it’s essentially dead and inactive.

Cold weather doesn’t cause the flu either, and antibiotics don’t stand a chance in fighting against the cold or flu viruses because they only work on bacterial infections. It is true, however, that gargling salt water and staying hydrated are two of the best ways to help treat the flu. Cannon said besides using Theraflu, chicken soup and warm fluids are his personal treatments for fighting off a sickness, which are both proven to work in helping a sick body recover.

“Right now the entire world is on edge about their health right now,” Cannon said. Currently, one out of every four parents in the U.S. believes vaccines cause autism. The pushback vaccines have had to undergo is immense despite the fact the link has been thoroughly researched and discredited.

Cannon added he hopes Theraflu’s five-step plan will be able to diminish any concern parents harbor over vaccinating their children. “I’m hoping that this program gets rid of those fears, because they’ve made it so simple and they’re offering up so much information. A lot of times cause of fear is lack of knowledge, so the beauty is that Theraflu has taken the time out to educate the community and encouraging everyone to get flu shots is amazing.”

Novartis Consumer Health Inc., the makers of Theraflu, will also be making up to a $100,000 donation to Families Fight Flu in order to help families prepare for the flu season ahead. It’s especially important for the traveler who is constantly exposed to public restaurants, bathrooms, and possibly contaminated doorknobs. According to Theraflu’s prepare step, cold viruses can live on the skin for up to three hours, which means keeping doorknobs clean and sanitized is key to fighting the spread of the cold and flu.

“For the traveler, it’s everything — the vaccination,” said Cannon, whose career revolves around traveling. “Because you’re touching so many different areas, you want to be as safe as you possibly can, and because when you’re on the go you’re moving and shaking a lot, so you don’t really have time to be taken out of the game because of the flu.”

Theraflu’s Fluprint 5-Step Plan

1. Learn:

“The first one is to learn and gather as much information and knowledge on all things flu-related," Cannon said. "You can do that by visiting Theraflu’s Facebook page. There’s tons of information there.”

2. Vaccinate:

“Also, the next thing is to vaccinate, and I encourage people to get the vaccination to get them safe from the flu.”

3. Prepare:

“The third thing is to prepare yourself for everything, from sanitizing your hands to staying away from as many people with the flu or flu-like illnesses, and then treat it if you do happen to come down with something."

4. Treat:

“Treat it properly with the things it takes to get you better the fastest, and I believe Theraflu is quite helpful for me.”

5. Share:

“The final thing is to share, which is actually the coolest part of the message by going to the Facebook page, Theraflu is actually going to donate up to $100,000 to an organization called ‘Families Fighting Flu’ just for liking the Facebook page. It doesn’t cost you anything, and you’re there gathering information for yourself and helping others just by hitting that ‘like’ button.”