When spending time scrolling through TikTok, it’s inevitable to come across fun product reviews by creators. Through these reviews, we’ve discovered a ton of useful products we never knew we needed. To help make your lives easier and more convenient, The Bitbag Team has come up with a list of products that we are proud to say, “TikTok made me buy it!” (The prices in this article are the actual prices on Amazon as of writing and are subject to change.)

1. This portable blender that you can stuff in your bag and bring with you practically anywhere.


Get it on Amazon for $35.99. You can drink straight out of it too.

2. This fun and easy-to-use ice cream roll maker that will be a hit with the family and even at parties.


Get it on Amazon for $29.99. This portable kit comes with everything you need to effortlessly make ice cream anywhere and anytime.

3. This galaxy projector that will bring the beauty of space into your room.


Get it on Amazon for $49.99 (originally $75.99). It comes with 7 display scenarios - 1 for every day of the week.

4. These waterproof flashlight gloves that make repairs in the dark a breeze.


Get them on Amazon for $12.74 (originally $14.99). They’re also useful for night running, camping, hiking, and fishing!

5. This label maker machine that lets you put labels on practically anything.


Get it on Amazon for $25.59 (originally $52.85). It connects to an app on your phone for easy label-making.

6. This portable heating pad that keeps unwanted period pains at bay. Hallelujah!


Get it on Amazon for $29.99 (originally $49.99). It even comes in 7 adorable colors to make that time of the month more bearable.

7. This flame diffuser that isn’t just aesthetic but actually helps with sleep, dry skin, and even productivity.


Get it on Amazon from $34.69. You can use this with any of your favorite essential oils.

8. This sleek magnetic power bank that slides onto your phone with ease.


Get it on Amazon for $49.99. Choose from 7 different vibrant colors for a pop of fun.

9. The most convenient ice cube tray in the world that ensures you no longer have to struggle to get ice cubes out whenever you need a cold drink.


Get it on Amazon from $19.98. They even have trays that fit up to a whopping 64 ice cubes.

10. This convenient drink dispenser that ensures you never have to lift a bottle to pour out drinks again.


Get it on Amazon for $12.88 (originally $16.99). The length of the tube is adjustable too, so it can fit bottles of all sizes.

11. This tongue scraper kit that effectively cleans your tongue for better oral health.


Get it on Amazon for $9.99. The kit includes a tongue scraper brush and some tongue cleaning gel.

12. This fun fidget spinner pen that keeps stress at bay when you’re studying or working.


Get it on Amazon for $11.99. It’s suitable for ages 6 and up.

13. This crystal diamond table lamp that looks absolutely stunning.


Get it on Amazon from $18.99. It comes in different designs for you to choose from too.

14. This self-stirring coffee mug that quickly mixes your drinks for you.


Get it on Amazon for $15.99. It even has a spill-free lid.

15. This insulated skinny can cooler that looks like a parka, so you can dress up your beverages and make sure they always stay cool and look cool.


Get it on Amazon for $15.95. This Puffin can cooler fits 12oz and 16oz skinny cans.

16. This spice grinder to make life in th$49.99e kitchen much easier.


Get it on Amazon for $18.88. Available in 5 colors for a cute touch.

17. These whiskey stones that will never melt so your drinks never get watered down.


Get it on Amazon for $16.99 (originally $29.99). They’re perfect for alcoholic drinks!

18. This mini tortilla press for perfectly shaped tortillas every time.


Get it on Amazon for $14.99. It's perfect for dumplings, ravioli, fried dumplings, and more.

19. This handy collapsible water bottle so you don’t have to lug around a heavy tumbler every time you go out.


Get it on Amazon for $7.65 (originally $12.99). Choose from a wide variety of colors to match your style.

20. These tiny lavalier microphones that are perfect for TikToks, livestreams, interviews, and vlogs.


Get it on Amazon for $59.99 (originally $69.99). It even comes with a charging case.

21. This feet cradle that will make you say goodbye to shin splints and hello to better running experiences.


Get it on Amazon for $15.50 (originally $19.99). It also helps increase flexibility at the same time.

22. This DIY slushy maker cup that turns any liquid into a delicious slushy.


Get it on Amazon for $24.99. It even looks like an actual slushy cup!

23. This paint brush cleaner rinse cup that makes cleaning paint brushes a breeze.


Get it on Amazon for $29.99. Comes in a mug form and in a jar form.

24. This very funny charger that is sure to make you giggle even on your most stressful days.


Get it on Amazon for $11.99. When not in use, the dog also serves as a cute piece of decoration at your study or work area.

25. This dog paw cleaner that cleans your pets’ paws in no time.


Get it on Amazon from $9.99. You can use it on cats too.

26. This foldable magnetic wireless charger that charges up to three gadgets at once.


Get it on Amazon for $33.99 (originally $39.99). It’s perfect for traveling!

27. This cat litter trapping mat so you never have to sweep kitty litter on your floors.


Get it on Amazon for $12.49. The super smooth surface won’t bother your cat’s paws either.

28. This slug fidget toy that’s just too fun and adorable.


Get it on Amazon for $8.49 (originally $11.48). It conveniently fits into your pocket too.

29. This convenient cat litter scoop that ensures you never get your hands dirty when cleaning up after your pet.


Get it on Amazon for $19.99. Get ready to avoid spilled litter forever.

30. This mini solar-powered toy car that runs under the sun.


Get it on Amazon for $8.24. It’s just too cute!