Free weights are especially beneficial when it comes to building muscle while simultaneously losing fat as well. While they are inexpensive and compact and far more portable as opposed to machines and barbells, the tendency for injury if one is not careful can be just as likely.

So here is a list of tips that one can use to avoid injury while performing dumbbell exercises:

Tip #1: Warm-up

It is important to perform at least five to ten minutes of cardio before starting with dumbbell exercise. What this does for your muscle is that it prepares them for a dumbbell workout while eliminating any chance of injury.

Tip #2: Correct Form

If you don’t perform an exercise using the correct form, then there’s no point in performing it at all. So, before you begin a new exercise, always remember to study the exercise properly by understanding the right posture as well as the feet position. When you do this, you will reduce the chances of injuring yourself.

Tip #3: Start with light weights

Most of the times, when people try to do too much, this is when they injure themselves leading to a setback where one will not be able to train for months. So, always begin your exercises with light weights and then proceed to heavier ones when you build your strength sufficiently.

Tip #4: Controlled Movements

When you lift free weights, it is important to do so slowly while controlling the movement carefully. Sudden jerks or using momentum can result in injuries more often than not, and it is therefore important to take it easy.

Tip #5: Workout partner

This is perhaps one of the most important factors in avoiding injury. If you do work out with a partner, then one can reduce the chances of one getting an injury as they are able to spot whether or not you are performing the exercise correctly or not.