For many people group fitness classes are the best way to start and stick to a weight-loss plan. Not only can an intense class involve blood and sweat, but also every now and again tears. A fitness class can involve moderate to severe injuries. Here are a few tips to avoid getting hurt, while shedding some pounds.

Know Your Body: Health experts suggest learning your body's limitations to avoid fitness injuries. According to orthopedic surgeon Kenneth Plancher, everyone should be aware of his or her weak areas and avoiding the type of physical activity that may push your weak areas too hard. If you cannot slowly build the strength in your weak areas, then you should avoid any activities that can stress or irritate them.

Know your age: If you have been leading a sedentary lifestyle for quite some time, be sure to take in consideration your age prior to enrolling in a fitness class. Dr. Plancher believes if you do too much, too long and too quickly, it can put a lot of strain on your muscles.

Exercises are sexist too: Like many things in life, gender plays a role in workout injuries. According to health experts, both men and women have specific gender-related physiologic issues that can lead to injuries when participating is workouts. For example women are at greater risk for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries. In addition, women are more prone to injuries during their menstrual cycle.

Get a pro, don't do it alone: When participating in any fitness class or workout program, getting expert training and advice can reduce your chances from participating in the wrong routine for your body type. It can also help moderate you from doing too much, too quickly.

Don't overdo it: Although practicing a routine can help you perfect it, you are also more likely to increase your chances of injury. Using the same muscles repeatedly can lead to muscle soreness, tendinitis, swelling and bruising.