Since smokers were banned from smoking their stuff in restaurants and bars, they might soon find themselves driven to smoke in one place, and that would be in their homes. But now it seems that the world is getting smaller each day as there are recommendations for owners of apartment buildings to make their properties smoke-free. This move has prodded a new study as the children are suffering even when living with smokers or non-smokers.

Children of non-smokers suffer the wrath of second-hand smoke due to the neighbors who are smoking outside their houses as the air they breathe would be the same as the one that the smokers have exhaled. Therefore, children of smokers have the same fate as those who do not even touch a single tobacco.

Smoke can penetrate air ducts as all apartment dwellers share the same as an exhaust of all of the units and the ducts are interconnected from one unit to another. Each and every parent try their best to protect their children from these dangerous smoke and they cannot do anything to stop other tenants from smoking cigarettes as they are living apart from each other but only separated by walls. Some parents though show no concern on the dangers of second hand smoke can affect their kids thus still continuing to smoke tobacco.

Tobacco smoke can cause asthma in children, or making it even worse; upper respiratory diseases and lung infection can also be imminent as exposure to cigarette smoke doesn’t have a safe level.

Smoking can also cause a syndrome like sudden death and cognitive deficiency in infants. Unborn children are among those who are likely to be at risk as pregnant women inhale second hand smoke. Their children could be born having low weight; premature births can be a result of inhaling second hand smoke as well.

One of the highly suggested moves is to rally behind a smoke-free apartment buildings as well as a smoke-free establishment in order to protect the children and non-smokers from getting the bad air coming from these cigarettes. People who have asthma do not have a choice at all but to ingest the foul and dreadful air that could further damage their lungs and future.

It is imperative then to try to hold talks on this plan as this could give the children and non-smokers a chance to live their lives to the fullest; the smokers should be responsible enough to consider the concerns of those who do not smoke; this could even lessen their cravings somehow, much more if they have children of their own.The landlords or building owners are now deciding from among themselves if this is a good idea or not as this idea is eco-friendly and the children’s future is at stake. To go smoke free or not is now the question and it is not a wise idea to further allow smoking inside the building as the dangers of smoking have been already laid down and made known to the public.