Hormone therapy is a treatment that focuses on restoring the average level of hormones in your body when they are out of balance or have dropped significantly. Hormones are responsible for many aspects of our well-being, from our mental health to our reproductive system; and optimizing key hormones not only helps you thrive physically but also mentally.

Tomo Marjanovic , is an autodidact in endocrine health and hormone therapy, and certified in Advanced Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy through Worldlink Medical and the founder and CEO of Aspire Rejuvenation.

He believes that instead of administering general drugs to patients for various symptoms or conditions, it’s essential to understand the underlying factors. Things like lack of sleep and mood swings can be symptoms of an underlying condition and must be looked at holistically.

Tomo educates people on how to shift their mindset positively and live better lives through his social media platforms.

Hormones in your body need to be at a particular level to behave in a specific way. Anything out of the normal becomes problematic for the specific individual, and several mental and physical symptoms may appear and impair the person's health.

Tomo began studying hormones at an early age because he aspired to be a competitive professional bodybuilder. He had his own hormones tested at a time when most didn’t even understand hormones or why they were important.

"Hormone therapy as it exists today didn't exist when I was 19," he says. "No clinics were doing this, and my natural testosterone level was around 1400ng/dL, which is way off the charts according to mainstream medicine."

Over the years, Tomo Marjanovic has been involved in developing the health industry in regards to hormone therapy and rejuvenation and has continued to provide quality assistance to people having health and mental crises.

Several clinics and doctors prescribe synthetic hormone replacement therapy to help low hormone levels or hormone imbalances but fail to address the very real side effects associated. Bioidentical Hormones Replacement Therapy (BHRT), are drugs derived from natural sources that are biologically identical to the hormones being made in your body. Bioidentical hormones have been proven to be the far superior alternative to synthetic hormones.

BHRT closely matches the chemical makeup of your hormones. As a result, it can mimic your natural hormones while improving your sexual function, increasing energy, promoting sound sleep, decreasing symptoms of menopause, and has been shown to improve some mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

According to Tomo and several published studies, optimizing your hormones with BHRT is the key to longevity and health.

“A perfect example is a woman who is pre, peri or postmenopausal and has all the typical menopausal symptoms; we're not going to give them a sleeping pill for sleep, because we know their sleep quality is going to be poor because their progesterone levels have tanked ,” he explains.

Patients have seen substantial improvement in hormone-related diagnoses after visits to Aspire.

For example, a 32-year-old male veteran of the USMC entered their care after being prescribed Prozac, Abilify, and Trazadone for depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia, whose side effects made him feel not like himself.

The baseline for low testosterone treatment is 300, and this patient tested at a borderline low of 305. Since he was over baseline, no one would treat him because they considered him in “normal range.” Since his TRT treatment, he has regained parts of his life that were taken from him because no one would listen.

“I would have never needed the psych meds if I had been treated for my testosterone earlier,” he says.

Cases like this patient are the ones that Marjanovic wants to help.

Moving forward, Tomo is looking to further his mission by starting a non-profit organization later in the year that focuses on delivering hormone therapy solutions for mental health and general health to military veterans and first responders who are unable to get treatment through traditional means.

Those in this category include disabled and homeless veterans. Tomo Marjanovic expresses concern about the plight of these people who gave their all to serve the country and end up on fixed income or homeless. They are suffering from depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, and a sense of homelessness, and other mental health issues.

"We want to eventually push the VA to subsidize things like hormone therapies for wellness and mental health because things like the veteran suicide rate it is a major issue," he says, adding, "So we're going to focus on helping veterans and first responders to get this therapy, and we're going to get it funded."