Have you ever wanted to just pass gas with reckless abandon in public places? A Japanese product has just the thing for you.

Japanese company Seiren may have put an end to embarrassing body odors with its special production of underwear. Called Deoest, the product line is coated with ceramic powder that is intended to absorb and eliminate foul smells from down south. The product makers say that the underwear eliminates up to 80 percent of disgusting smells within 30 seconds of the smell's production. They also say that the underwear will remain effective for at least 100 washes.

The product may seem like an embarrassing solution for an embarrassing problem, but the underpants have medical underpinnings. The textile company was approached by a doctor who challenged the clothing maker to create underwear that could eliminate the odors of patients with excessive flatulence. The symptom can be caused by digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, for example, and can make for uncomfortable situations.

It took the company years to find the right combination between comfort and efficiency. Finally, they arrived on designs that were both comfortable to wear and quickly eliminated odors.

Interestingly, the underwear has taken on a second wind in a new market: businessmen. Many businessmen are purchasing the product because their lines of work mean that they are surrounded by people all day.

The underwear has been so successful that the company has expanded into an entire product line devoted to killing embarrassing body smells. The line includes over two dozen products, which include socks that eliminate rank foot smells and T-shirts that destroy rancid armpit odor. The powder also works on kareishu, which translates to old-age smell and likely corresponds to 2-nonenal. The product line also includes deodorizing blankets and face masks.

However, in exchange for your peace of mind, the underwear will cost you a pretty penny. The underwear costs 3,200 yen, or nearly $40.