​In the long and tough battle against those parts that jiggle, belly fat is probably the most difficult to get rid of. While religiously following a good diet and exercise plan, it is also good to be conscious about what foods can possibly be delaying the flattening of that belly.

In this article, we tackle the foods you should be wary of when in pursuit of belly loss as approved by registered dietitians. While there is no food that is the singular solution to lose belly fat, lessening or altogether avoiding these foods will definitely get you closer to your goal waistline.

1. Fried foods

These are usually fast foods and other common crowd favorites so it might be particularly difficult to avoid. However, as delicious as these foods are, they are one of the primary foods that manifest in your stomach. Fried foods such as fried chicken, pork chop and fries are packed with sodium and trans-fat which generally result in belly fat.

2. Dairy

Gas and a feeling of bloatedness are the general symptoms of lactose intolerance, whether mild or severe cases. If you are lactose intolerant and feel these, try limiting the cow’s milk, yogurt and ice cream you eat. When these are swapped with lactose-free or nut-based alternatives, it can lead to better digestion and the loss of belly fat.

3. Processed baked goods

The pre-packaged, processed donuts, muffins, or cakes at your favorite convenient dessert place may be what’s hindering you from getting rid of the bulge on the stomach. Aside from the very high sugar content these sweets have, they are also loaded with preservatives so as to extend shelf life. These can settle in your body for a very long period and produce stubborn belly fat.

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4. White flour

White carbs in white flour are already processed and are digested fast enough for the body to store it as fat. White carbs are also stripped of their nutrient value when processed. White bread has a great deal of these white carbs. Cutting back on foods with white flour in them and swapping them for whole-grain products such as brown bread will be very ideal for weight loss.

5. Rice

While a lot of people cannot imagine having meals with no rice and just the viand, rice is actually one of the most fattening foods that can lead you away from getting your ideal torso. Rice, particularly white rice, also has the white carbs that are generally conducive to stomach fat buildup. Switching to the whole grain alternative of brown rice can also curb the fat that can accumulate in the stomach.

6. Potato chips

It probably goes without saying that junk foods like potato chips have very little (if any at all) nutritional value especially to those who consume a lot of these regularly. Potato chip brands make the use of hydrogenated oils. This oil is actually called trans-fat, which is infamous for its contribution to cholesterol increase, heart disease and weight gain. Even chips that do not contain this type of oil has a lot of fat because they still make use of oil to cook.

7. High-sugar beverages

Crowd favorites that are unsurprisingly terrible for the body especially when trying to get rid of body fats are high-sugar beverages or sodas or soft drinks, in particular. Soft drinks contain empty calories and excessive sugar that lead to weight gain. Particularly, the sugars called fructose and other additives are difficult to burn off and so they tend to settle as stubborn fats in the stomach.

8. Refined sweeteners and sugar

Refined sweeteners and sugar usually found in tea, coffees, other drinks and foods increase your blood sugar levels and your body’s level of insulin. A higher insulin level promotes the storage of more fat. These all generally lead to the accumulation of more fat across the belly and everywhere else.

9. Margarine

Margarine is common in the biscuits, pastries, crackers, popcorn and snack foods we encounter regularly. It is actually filled with trans-fat and contributes to an increase in cholesterol levels, making way for fat buildup. Choosing regular butter to top off what you would usually use margarine on will help significantly.

10. Alcohol

When looking after your health, alcohol is one of the top things you should lessen or avoid entirely. Drinking alcohol leads to dehydration and water retention which makes you feel bloated. Cocktails, in particular, are packed with sugars and syrups that will shoot up blood sugar levels. Beers are heavy in calories but very low in any nutritional value and can bring you farther from your goal weight.

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