Many foods exist that will provide you with a great jump start to losing fat and inches. Below are the top five – they were integral in my journey to losing 20 pounds!


Often, avocados are mistaken to be a fatty food, but the fat in avocados is nothing but the healthy kind. Avocados are actually fruit, and they are loaded with mono-unsaturated fat. The best part? They are also full of great antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients. A mashed up avocado is one of the healthiest foods you can add on top of your sandwiches or burgers. Sliced avocados are great for salads or mixed up in scrambled eggs. The amount of healthy fat in the avocados helps the body to maintain the right amount of hormones that it needs in order to stay at a consistent weight. Because they are so filling, they also reduce your appetite for a long time after eating!


Another food that is seen as being fatty but actually helps you burn fat is nuts. Walnuts, macadamia nuts, almond nuts and pecans are full of healthy fats and are also loaded up with vitamins, nutrients, minerals and antioxidants. They provide a hefty amount of protein and fiber, which helps the body control blood sugar and helps in the weight loss process. Raw nuts are best, but any type of nut is going to be good for you.


Broccoli is packed full of fiber. Fiber is going to keep you feeling fuller much longer, and it also works to keep the digestive system regular. Broccoli is loaded with Calcium, vitamin C and Beta Carotene. It contains so many components that will help lower the risk of many diseases and sickness, and is one of the best ways to get your greens in!


Berries are a powerhouse when it comes down to good nutrition. Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and even the goji berry are all packed full of good vitamins and minerals. They contain many antioxidants that will help to ward off disease. Furthermore, the fiber in them slows the absorption of carbs and controls blood sugar as well, which stimulates fat gain. Adding berries to the diet is simple. Toss some in your morning yogurt, cottage cheese or even oatmeal. Berries are great on salads too, or just bring a bag of berries with you through your daily routine.


Not only are apples are packed with loads of fiber, the pectin in the apples is great for lowering LDL blood cholesterol levels. Besides, apples are some of the most affordable foods out there, and there are so many kinds, they never get old.

Eating these foods frequently will help you lose that belly fat fast! Make sure to add all of these to your shopping list and get in frequent exercise. Then, watch the weight drop off!

Jordan Maltas writes about nutrition, health and wellness. Jordan enjoys traveling and seeking adventure when not writing. He uses so he can live to the fullest while protecting his family.