We all know how important it is to warm up before you have a good workout. Recovering after that good workout is equally important! Your body MUST recover from what you have just done – this could potentially have a huge impact on your fitness. If this is something you need to work on, the top five methods are below.


A simple way to help your muscles recover is by stretching after your workout. Stretching is going to allow the body to cool down in a slower amount of time, which aids in overall results. All stretching should be gentle – keep in mind that you’re recovering, not pushing yourself to new limits. Focus on problem areas that were bugging you.

Cooling Down

Cooling down after a good workout is necessary. Generally, this means doing whatever activity you were engaging in, but at a lower intensity. Approximately 5 minutes is usually good for a brief workout, 10 minutes for an extended one. It’s also permissible to switch to a new kind of exercise, but only if it feels good. Cooling down will help your body release sufficient lactic acid, and help the muscles from becoming stiff.


Because you lose so much water sweating during a good workout, you need to fill your body back up with lots of water. This not only is necessary to keep your muscle in top condition, drinking water will decrease the likelihood of binging later on!


Because your energy level is going to be lower after a workout, you need to have a nice healthy meal to refuel the body. If you work out for 2 or more hours a day, load up on carbs. Talk to your doctor about sodium replenishment – this can be tricky for some people and potentially a big deal.


Just as you would take a rest if you have a cold or are feeling ill, you need to have a good rest after a heavy workout. Rest before you stretch (but not too long – perhaps 30 seconds), then once you’ve stretched or cooled down, rest again before you go about the rest of your day – this time, for 2-3 minutes.

Along with the above five methods, it is equally important that you get good sleep. Sleep is a requirement to ensure a good recovery, even if it might not happen for 12 hours. It has been proven that when you are sleeping, the body is doing all of its work to help you recover and build more muscle.

If you’re paying attention to recovery at all, you’re doing well. However, you may as well make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck, am I right?

Daniel Hodgkins writes about finance & saving money at www.termlifeinsurance.org.