Getting less than six hours of sleep a night over a sustained period means that you could be headed for disease and severe attention deficit. Adults are known to require seven to eight hours of sleep each night and failure to get the requisite hours could result in bigger problems. Here is a list of problems that can impact sleep and simple ways to fix it...

1) Sleep apnea is the biggest killer of all sleep disorders. While the person believes he is getting enough sleep, the truth is that each time your breathing stops for a brief while, it wakes you up. So, you end up being sleep-deprived despite spending eight hours in bed. The solution is to lose weight, quit smoking and sleep with a CPAP device to help keep the airflow open.

2) Going to bed hungry causes fatigue and eating the wrong foods could prove a bigger problem. So, eat a balanced diet to keep blood sugar levels in the normal range and ensure that you don't feel sluggish. Always ave breakfast and include protein and carbohydrates in each meal.

3) Another reason for aborted sleep could be anemia which leads to fatigue in women. Menstrual blood loss causes iron deficiency that causes health hazards. Start taking iron supplements in case of anemia and eat a lot of iron-rich food like lean meat, liver, beans and enriched cereals.

4) If you have been depressed at work or through an emotional stress, a sleep disorder could be round the corner. Fatigue, headaches and loss of appetite are amont the other common symptoms. The only solution here is to find a solution to the depression via medication or through psychotherapy.

5) An active thyroid gland that controls metabolism is essential for good sleep. If this gland is performing below par, meaning that the pace at which the body converts food into energy is too slow, there could be a feeling of sluggishness. A blood test to confirm low thyroid hormonal activity needs to be fixed, either through synthetic hormones or via exercise.

6) For all those who drink a cup of coffee to improve alertness and concentration, it is good to realize that too much of it could increase heart rate, cause high blood pressure and make a person jittery. Cut back on coffee, tea, chocolate and soft drinks gradually as a sudden decision could result in withdrawal symptoms like more fatigue.

7) Infection to the urinary tract that causes burning and a perpetual state of urgency could also result in sleep loss that results in fatigue. A quick culture test of the urine followed by prescribed medication can cure you of this ailment.

8) People suffering high levels of diabetes also display fatigue as the excess sugar remains in the bloodstream fails to enter the body cells to get converted into energy. So, the person remains tired most of the day and fails to fall asleep quickly at night. Lifestyle changes like diet and exercise, insulin therapy and medications are known treatments for diabetes.

9) Paucity of water content in the body causes dehydration and fatigue. Doctors say that thirst is the first sign of dehydration. So, whether at work, at play or travelling, always try to drink lots of water. The urine has to be light colored and not yellow.