While it is pretty obvious that smoking is bad for one’s health, the truth about smokers is that they cannot quit unless something drastic does happen. But if you don’t want to learn it the hard way, one of the best ways by which you can quit is by understanding the specific issues that can crop up with smoking:

Reason #1: Cancer

Smoking is one of the primary reasons why one can get cancer among other complication that can arise with your lungs. According to studies, one can reduce their chances of getting lung cancer by almost 30 to 50 percent after ten years of quitting smoking.

Reason #2: Heart Disease

Smoking is attributed to be the number one reason why people die of heart disease in the United States. So, if you quit smoking, you can therefore reduce your chances of heart disease and certain death!

Reason #3: Increases cardio activity and gets one into shape

Smoking reduces your oxygen intake by almost 10 percent, and thus with the elimination of cigarettes, one can begin to feel better.

Reason #4: Sleep better

In a John Hopkins study conducted recently, it was found that smokers were four times more likely to not feel rested after a night sleep.

Reason #5: Save money

One of the best reasons of all if one quits is that you save a lot of money just in case you smoke anywhere between 10 to 20 cigarettes a day. Since a pack of 20 cigarettes costs about $6, this can cost a person almost $ 2200 a year, which can amount to a lot!

Reason #6: Smell better

In quitting smoking, one will find that they smell much better increasing the chances for intimate moments with their girlfriends and wives. Yes, they’ll love you more for smelling better, and you’ll be the better for it too!

Reason #7: Gives you confidence and control

If you quit smoking, this could give one confidence to take control of other areas of their life which they have not been able to do so for so long.