As we get older, our risk for lower back pain grows. On average, 80 percent of adults experience some form of lower back pain due to a mixture of physical inactivity, weight gain, and a job that is conducive to a sedentary lifestyle. Lower back pain is not only a problem for people in the workforce, but for employers too: Around one-third of all work-related disabilities are tied to lower back pain.

“Although lower back pain can result from the normal aging process, our lifestyle can sometimes trigger it or make it worse,” Dr. Kaixuan Liu, who is fellowship-trained in minimally invasive spine surgery, told Medical Daily. “Many everyday activities we do without thinking can make a huge difference to our lower spine health.”

There are options for preventing lower back pain, and there are even certain sex positions that can alleviate it. However, if you’re not a fan of pain medication like me and you also don’t want to go out of pocket to pay a chiropractor, then there are other options for managing lower back pain. Whether it’s acute lower back pain that can last around six weeks, or chronic lower back pain which can last up to three months, there’s no reason to sit there and stew in it.

Here are four relatively inexpensive products that anyone can use to reduce their lower back pain. Click “Slideshow” to see which products made our list.