Coffee is one of the nature’s own beverages that few people can resist. The fragrance of a cup of hot coffee is perhaps too enticing.

Of course, coffee drinkers have own explanations for gulping down several cups of their favorite beverage but there is no doubt that excessive coffee drinking can cause health hazards too. Read on to learn more about the downside of the “cup that cheers”:

1) Coffee disturbs the absorption of essential minerals and nutrients required by the body. This can lead to diseases related to deficiencies in Vitamin A, B and C. Besides this, the absorption of minerals like iron, zinc and calcium are also affected due to excessive coffee drinking

2) Coffee can cause yellowing of the teeth and cavities.

3) Coffee is found to increases blood sugar levels which means people with diabetes should avoid too many cups .

4) Coffee is known to alter blood pressure and heart rate as well.

5) Coffee often leads to frequent urination.

6) Coffee heightens the energy levels for a short term. But, over a period of time the effects diminish. This could result in a person consuming more coffee that will eventually result in an addiction for it.

7) Coffee can interfere with medications. It affects the workings of certain drug leading to health risks.

8) The caffeine present in coffee blocks a brain chemical called adenosine that is known to calm the mind.

9) Coffee could also lead to constriction of blood vessels. This condition occurs due to the increase in the cortisol levels.

10) Coffee is difficult to digest in young children. A child’s liver cannot metabolize caffeine and hence, it remains in the body for four to five days.

11) Studies suggest that coffee can cause birth defects, miscarriage, premature birth and low birth weight among pregnant woman.

12) Coffee is also found to affect the motility of sperms in men and can become a risk factor for conception.