You don’t have to read Danish to understand what Denmark’s latest ad campaign is all about: The lingerie-clad woman and smiling babies say pretty much everything you need to know. "Do it for Denmark" is a new effort by Spies Rejser, a travel company, to save the future of the small Scandinavian nation (population 5,569,077) by urging couples to have — of all the wild ideas — unprotected sex.

In English, the ad copy is direct yet humorous: “Our birthrate is at a 27 year low. At Spies we’re concerned. Fewer Danes mean fewer to support the ageing population — and tragically, fewer holidaying with us." After supplying a memorable statistic, "Danes have 46% more sex on city holidays," the company "prescribes" a romantic city holiday to save the future of the nation.

prototypical danish couple Spies Rejser

To aid the imagination, the campaign includes videos of a prototypical Danish couple enjoying themselves in faceless cities around the globe. And Spies Rejser has even added a contest to win baby products to sweeten the deal for those couples requiring additional incentives.

contest Spies Rejser

In the end, the message is one of family values. Since 10 percent of Danish children are conceived while parents are on vacation, Spies Rejser simply asks young couples to maintain the time honored traditions of their birth. Travel the world. Make babies. And best of all, return to Denmark.

do it
babies Spies Rejser