Think you've been hot and sweaty this summer? Imagine if you had a coat of fur. To help domestic canines fight the threat of thirst, an Illinois-based company has developed the Koolinator, a water fountain that dogs can control with their paws.

Like with humans, dehydration is a serious issue for dogs during the year's hottest months. Hallmarks of the condition, according to the ASPCA, include sunken eyes, lethargy, dry mouth, and loss of appetite.

The Koolinator ($34.95) hooks up to a water hose and offers an easy way of providing dogs with a fresh, clean supply of water. This is in contrast to outdoor water bowls, which are prone to collecting insects and bacteria. It's built for both puppies and full-sized dogs

This isn't the only innovative option for pet refreshment. Hagen Dogit Al Fresco is LED-equipped so that dogs can use it day or night, outdoors or indoors.

And for pups on-the-go, Top PawTM offers a travel water bottle ($5.00) that easily converts into a doggy dish.