Diet and overall wellbeing, including mental health, are directly linked. You may not think that what you eat affects your mind, but a psychiatry-focused physician has insight into the relationship between food and your brain. In BigThink’s video, “Diet Tips from a Psychiatrist: Reconsider Supplements and Eat Real Food,” host and psychiatrist Drew Ramsey discusses the best way to boost brain function through diet.

The best food for your mind is nutrient-rich, but don’t try to take any shortcuts. Multivitamins, according to Ramsay, should only be taken if necessary because of a deficiency.

“For example, if you have an illness like pernicious anemia where your body doesn't allow you to absorb B12, of course you have to take a B12 supplement. Or if you're severely iron deficient, take an iron supplement,” Ramsay says in the video. “But over the long term what we really want to see is that people are getting their nutrients from food.”

Currently, we have more access than ever to fresh foods from local farms, according to the psychiatrist. This produce is packed with more vitamins and nutrients than what you’ll find at the grocery store.

Craving additional advice on optimal diet from a psychiatrist? Watch the video to learn more.

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