A voluntary recall has been issued for kids' homeopathic ear relief liquid and teething tablets from Raritan Pharmaceuticals. The products contain small but varying levels of belladonna extract, which can be toxic, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.

FDA tests found levels of belladonna extract that were different than what was indicated on the label. The recalled products include CVS Homeopathic Infants' Teething Tablets, Kids Relief Homeopathic Ear Relief Oral Liquid, and CVS Homeopathic Kids' Ear Relief Liquid, which are sold nationwide. Further information, including the specific lot numbers affected, is available here.

"The recall is a precautionary action," Sushant Pradhan, a Raritan Pharmaceuticals representative, confirmed to CNN. "Belladonna can be toxic in high doses but there are very trace amounts of it in these products."

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Belladonna comes from the deadly nightshade plant and contains several tropane alkaloids, some of which are capable of blocking neurotransmitters in the central and peripheral nervous system. Because of this, it affects heart rate, breathing, sweating, and the involuntary movement of smooth muscles in the gastrointestinal tract, Medical Daily previously reported.

Someone suffering from belladonna poisoning can exhibit a loss of balance, sensitivity to light, slurred speech, hallucinations, and confusion. Due to the psychological effects, belladonna and related plants have been used as recreational drugs — a highly dangerous choice due to the exceptional risk of overdose and death.

"This is not your typical medicine," and homeopathic treatments should be used with caution, Pradhan also told CNN.

WebMD reported that belladonna can be used as a sedative as well as a cold and hay fever remedy, but it is widely regarded as unsafe.

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