In today’s world, health matters. With consumers considering anything and everything as it pertains to their health, enjoying a cocktail has become more of a calculated choice than ever before. While for years, wine has had the reputation for its health benefits, you might be surprised to learn that oddly enough, vodka has numerous health benefits, if not more than wine! To many, vodka is vodka. But in reality, it’s quite the contrary. American-made vodka brand, Trust Me Vodka is elevating the standards for premium made vodka with gluten free potato vodka as well as their organic vodka.

For years, wine has been known as the drink of choice that invokes relaxation, but recent studies have shown that vodka is a better choice for its ability to better relieve tension than wine, making Trust Me Vodka the perfect choice for your next drink. In addition, vodka has been shown to increase blood-flow and circulation in the body which in turn can help prevent blood clots, strokes, and heart disease. And then for those who are on the calorie conscious side of health, vodka is an excellent choice when trying to maintain weight and avoid sugar. And in regards to sugar levels, a shot of vodka can actually reduce blood sugar levels when effectively taken straight. The spirit has also been known to promote HDL, or the “good” cholesterol, helping to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. With Trust Me Vodka offering a gluten free, potato-based vodka as well as a certified organic option, their premium grade vodka is emerging as one of the top-tier brands on the market, thanks to their emphasis on quality and ingredients.

But beyond bodily health, vodka additionally has even more uses beyond enjoyment for drink. For years, vodka was once used as a disinfectant—something we now greatly value after a year of grappling with a pandemic. Not only is vodka a disinfectant but it triples as an antitoxin and an antiseptic, great for things like toothaches and curing bad breath.

So, much to your delight, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that vodka is actually one of the best spirits to indulge in. And while of course we have to consider that everything must be enjoyed in moderation, Trust Me vodka seems to be one of the best choices for quality made vodka.