A $100 million civil suit against a New York "pimp" doctor accused of being a pervert boss who runs his office like an animal house has been reinstated.

According to the New York Daily News, the state's Court of Appeals on Thursday overturned a 2011 ruling that shut down the sexual discrimination lawsuit against Dr. Arden Kaisman.

The three women, Yahaira Hernandez, Esther Herarte and Jennifer Stern, are now free to go forward with their claims that Kaisman conducted a hostile work environment, the appellate court ruled.

"They did the right thing," said the attorney for the three women, Fred Lichtmacher, according to the Daily News. "My clients are extremely happy. We're looking forward to a trial."

Hernandez, Herarte and Stern accused the doctor of sending them inappropriate emails and videos, including one of a woman and a vibrator.

The three women said that Kaisman, who frequently referred to himself as "Pimp Kaisman," paraded around the office in his underwear and openly expressed that he liked women with large breasts.

One of the women, Herarte, also claimed that Kaisman had grabbed her bottom and told her that she needed to "tighten it up."