Are you still looking for the perfect workout that will keep you constantly moving? Maybe other trendy, intense workout classes like SoulCycle and Barry’s Bootcamp aren’t your cup of tea. Here's a new one you could try: Switch Playground has landed in the United States after training bodies and minds in South Africa for the last two years.

This isn’t your typical playground; walking into a class feels like entering a nightclub complete with smoke, lights, and an actual DJ. Attendees looking to gain muscle are all partnered up, and together they cycle through about twenty workout stations during the class, spending two minutes at each one before being told to “switch.”

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I tried Switch Playground’s full-body workout class (and have been sore for four days straight). According to the company’s U.S. site, its philosophy embraces overall wellness through the “SWITCH Trifecta,” which encompasses three wellness ideals.


This class really challenges your personal fitness level. Out of 20 workout stations, about six are cardio machines, but the stations are a bit different each time to make every class feel unique.

“For me, Switch hits every nail on the head. It combines everything I love: cardio, strength training, plyometrics,” fitness blogger Susan Harrison told Well and Good. “It challenges my body in a way it has never been challenged before.”

Can't make it to the playground? You can do some of these workouts at home.

Running outside is simple, free cardio — just like going up and down flights of stairs a few times. Treadmills and stair stepper machines are both utilized in class.

Switch Playground also incoroporates a ton of simple weightlifting exercises. Have a few free weights or kettleballs at home? You can try some of the same exercises from the comfort of your own home. Try the video below.


A unique part of the Switch Playground structure is working with a partner. Many people enjoy team sports, which is mimicked in the class’ “Playground Partner” element. This requires a different mindset than when exercising alone.

Previous studies have found that simply exercising is great for the mind as well as the body. Medical Daily reported that working out keeps your mind young, and offers other mental benefits.

Feeling sore from working out? You can mentally exercise with some low-key meditation — try the video below.

Last month, a clinical trial backed by the National Institutes of Health provided new evidence that mindfulness meditation effectively fights anxiety. Exercise can have the same benefit.

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A little bit of yoga never hurt anybody — and this class starts and ends with some simple, soul-boosting poses. Switch Playground also challenges your physical limits, which can make you a stronger person, not just physically.

With just a little bit of space to move around, you can try yoga from your apartment, backyard, or local park. We suggest Yoga With Adriene's YouTube channel for beginners looking to get the same soulful benefits of Switch Playground.

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