Doctors in Italy have succeeded in a robot assisted pancreatic transplant, a first of its kind in the world. A team of doctors from Pisa Hospital performed the surgery on a 43-year-old woman, also a mother of two on September 27.

She showed no sign of complication during the three hour long procedure and was relieved after three days of the operation. A type one diabetes patient for 19 years, she also had a kidney transplant in the past.

Doctors used the Da Vinci SHDI robot to remove her pancreas and inserted a new one by making three small holes and a three inch incision.

Doctors feel that this surgery brings new possibilities for diabetics as the incision is far smaller than a traditional surgery.

Daniela Scaramuccia, Tuscany’s councilor for health has termed this as a 'pioneering' operation and hopes that this path-breaking surgery would open up new vistas for ‘fresh treatment prospects'. She said, “'We are proud of a school that has been at the forefront of its field for years,' She added, 'Robot technology is still at an emerging stage and we believe it will make strides towards an even wider range of surgical applications'.