Xu Desheng, a 53-year-old man from China, felt he was drifting away from his young grandchildren who were continually surfing their smartphones or computers — so much so that it led to the decision to take his own life.

"It was too soon for him part from us like this, just too soon." Xu's son told Matome Naver.

According to his son's account, Xu was a devoted and loving grandfather who tried to visit his grandchildren at least once a week. Xu's life as a fruit and vegetable vendor did little to prepare him for the technology boom of which his grandchildren were clearly a part.

"I suddenly realized that I really have to get with the times. I'm useless at just about everything these days, whether it be computers or cellular phones," read a suicide note left beside Xu's body.

"I rarely buy anything new and there really isn't much I can do. Going on living in this way is scarier than dying. Therefore I've made the decision to end my life."

Local authorities found Xu's body slumped over in the front seat of his pick-up truck with a bottle of weed killer and a container of burnt coal. This led police to believe he took his life by intentional carbon monoxide poisoning.

There were other factors in Xu's life that could have led to his eventual suicide. His second marriage that ended last month was reportedly due to his short temperedness. The man also suffered from diabetes, which may have contributed to his unfortunate decision.

Although Xu clearly faced troubles in his life, there's no denying the strain that smartphones have put on relationships. Lew Bayer, etiquette expert and president of Civility Experts Worldwide, says that technology dependency is causing not only a lack of communication, but also a lack of trust with loved ones.

"Our research shows people are in the habit of being dependent on their technology and not even realizing the extent to which they're withdrawing physically and visually and making less eye contact (with others)," explained Bayer.

"People trust you less. They see you as not listening to them, being inattentive, lacking confidence and having low social intelligence."

If anything, remember a little face-to-face contact can never hurt your relationships with those closest to you.