Scientists are constantly studying diseases and viruses — as well as our bodies' responses to them — in hopes of finding a cure and eradicating some of the most lethal health issues facing us today.

With recent advances in science and medicine, some diseases may be cured sooner than we think. We’ve listed three health issues that eventually could become a thing of the past.

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Back in October, researchers started a clinical trial that tests out an experimental therapy designed to completely eradicate the HIV virus from a person’s body.

As Medical Daily previously reported, the trial’s first patient currently has no detectable traces of the virus in his blood following treatment. However, it will take several months to determine whether this vanishing act is more than smoke and mirrors. It will then take additional years of follow-up tests to be absolutely sure.


Findings from the Merck research lab were published last month in a new study, and reveal a promising experimental treatment for Alzheimer's that could hit the market soon if all goes as hoped and further clinical trials show it to be safe and effective, Scientific American reported. The new therapeutic drug outlined in the study would reduce levels of amyloid proteins, which create the brain plaques associated with Alzheimer's.

Currently, two broad clinical drug trials are underway with more than 3,000 subjects, Medical Daily previously reported. The pair of “phase three” trials will conclude in July 2017.

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Since June 2015, drug manufacturers have been conducting vast clinical trials to test and hopefully validate the first Ebola vaccines.

On Tuesday, a study was published about Ebola’s ability to shut down the immune system, which makes the virus almost impossible to cure. Understanding the inner workings of a virus is the key for scientists to find ways to beat it.

Previous research had already identified proteins within the virus that hamper the host's immune response, Medical Daily previously reported.

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