One nutritional expert or another is often telling us what constitutes a healthy diet. While some of the tidbits they provide are valid, others are inaccurate or, in some cases, outright lies. In a recent video, Matthew Santoro explores seven healthy eating fallacies you might believe. 

The Canadian YouTube personality begins with a teaser about raw vegetables. While you may have heard that eating raw is preferable to eating boiled, this is not the case when it comes to carrots. Boiling carrots breaks down the tough wall surrounding beta-carotene, Santoro explains, releasing the nutrients. As a result, boiled carrots offer you more nutritional power than raw.

Santoro, a former accountant-turned-food-guru, next leaps to the myth of fat-free foods. Your natural confusion about the food production process quite possibly helped this nugget of misinformation get lodged in your brain, he explains. Anytime someone “adjusts” what is naturally in our food, substitutions will be made. Because food producers generally swap sugar for fat, those fat-free and reduced fat items on the grocery shelf, then, may cause you to gain weight instead of losing.

Watch Santoro pick apart a few more untruths about what is and is not healthy eating — just click on the video below: