The American Pediatric Diabetes Crisis: How DreaMed, an Israeli Tech Giant Enables Insulin Dose Optimization

DreaMed DreaMed
  • Type 2 Diabetes, having already increased by 4.8% between 2002 and 2015, remains a growing concern.

  • American healthcare providers switched to telehealth in an effort to meet rising demands whilst the Covid-19 pandemic placed strain on the healthcare system.

  • DreaMed, an Israeli tech giant, provides efficient, effective AI solutions to address the need for dosing optimization in the face of rising rates of diabetes among young people in the United States. 

In 2020 the CDC reported that Type 2 Diabetes has increased by 4.8% between 2002 and 2015 in all racial/ethnic groups. Type 1 Diabetes rates are 1.9% per year. A closer look at the data reveals that these numbers are even higher among some racial/ethnic groups. There are 208,000 people under the age of 20 living with the disease. An added area of concern is that an even higher number are prediabetic, or have not yet been diagnosed with Diabetes.

The studies reveal that while the general scale of this problem is increasing it is particularly bad among children. Once diagnosed, patients with diabetes need to carefully manage insulin injections in tandem with food consumption, physical activity and other factors.

Insulin dosing requires significant expertise and is normally overseen by an endocrinologist. Too much or too little insulin are both problematic for the health of the patient. Studies have shown that despite advances in automatic pumps, most young diabetics are not optimizing their insulin dosing.

DreaMed uses AI and an easy-to-use interface to help fill the gap and bring the focus back onto the patient’s quality of life and a physician patient relationship.

Image Credit: DreaMed

According to Stuart Weinzimer, MD “DreaMed by no means replaces the provider, but instead frees the provider to spend valuable time on education, counseling and other important facets of care, instead of the mundanities of dose adjustment … DreaMed will also empower those providers who may have not previously had the experience or comfort level with continuous glucose sensors and insulin pumps, to offer these technologies to their patients and use DreaMed Advisor as a tool to optimize their care.”

How The Medical Industry Adapted During The Pandemic:

Some of the negative effects of the pandemic on diabetics include an increase in sedentary lifestyles, as well as a strain on hospitals and medical facilities. The latter has been alleviated by the introduction of telehealth which benefited diabetics, given that the industry had no alternative but to adapt. Research confirms that globally, a shift towards telehealth occurred and that this has been one of the most important tools to enable continuity in treatment and analysis during the covid-19 pandemic. 

DreaMed Becoming A Key Enabler To The Industry

Switching over to telehealth requires the suitable technological partners with futuristic solutions. The ultimate aim has to be to deliver effective, efficient personalized diagnosis and treatment plans. This is where DreaMed seeks to fit in, as a proven, powerful tool that allows physicians to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for these young patients quickly and accurately. The increasing demands placed on practitioners and the healthcare system makes this even more critical.

The powerful system is as effective as endocrinologists in assessing the data. In a six-month, multi-centre trial the findings indicate that “..., use of an automated decision support tool for optimizing insulin pump settings was non-inferior to intensive insulin titration provided by physicians from specialized academic diabetes centers.”  

DreaMed empowers physicians and patients in the following ways:

  • Rapid, personalized diagnosis  

  • Effective glucose optimization based on precise, AI-driven, data-based intelligence

  • Expert support for physicians 

  • Remote consultation for patients reduces the need for clinical visits

  • Easy to access patient support based on an integrated treatment plan improves the quality of life

About DreamMed

DreaMed has a proven track record of innovation in this field. As the pioneer that developed the first FDA-approved artificial pancreas technology they understand how to overcome the challenges and provide state-of-the-art integration of service, technology, and care. Additionally, DreaMed has experience working closely with physicians in the delivery of patient care - this is not just a technological solution - it is a patient care solution.

With over 67,000 Days of Analytical data and clear personalized treatment plans based on best practices and the latest protocols DreaMed provides a workable solution.

Meeting the Need

As the market leaders, with over 67,000 Days of Analytical data, clear personalized treatment plans, and a rapidly expanding network of partnerships DreaMed is not only ready to meet the demands in this growing field, but to help lift the burden on physicians to improve the quality of patient care. Building on proven success and through continued innovation DreamMed aspires to be a leader in the provision of world-class treatment options through AI supported diagnosis and treatment.  

Final take:

Diabetes might be one of many chronic illnesses that were overshadowed by the pandemic, as it clearly continues to be a rising trend of concern. Thankfully, challenges are being met through innovation in medical technology. The early adoption by medical care facilities who aspire to be a step ahead, seems to be the phase unfolding right now.

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