A British woman has become the world's first person to undergo a needle-free "vampire" facelift that uses lasers and blood to keep you looking young.

The treatment is called "vampire" facelift because it uses the patient's own blood to enhance the skin.

The cosmetic procedure involves drawing blood from the patients arm and pushing it through a machine that extracts plasma. The plasma is then used in a non-invasive procedure with the intent of rejuvenating the skin.

In the traditional vampire facelift, the plasma is injected into the face in a series of painful jabs. However, the new needle-free treatment uses a laser to make thousands of tiny holes in the face using the world's most powerful carbon dioxide laser. After, the patient's own plasma is pushed into the skin using an ultrasound probe.

Amie Mee, a 42-year-old beauty therapist from Scotland has become the world's first person to undergo the procedure in Glasgow.

The nonsurgical procedure was invented and carried out by Scottish plastic surgeon Dr. Taimur Shoaib at his Belle Forme clinic. Dr. Shoaib said the new procedure, which costs £750 or $1200, is a less painful alternative to the traditional needle-based procedure.

"It removes deep surface lines and wrinkles and enables the skin to produce collagen, its own youth serum," he said, according to The Sun. "These non-invasive treatments are the future and as technology improves, so do the results.

"I wanted to get away from using artificial chemicals and by using a patient's own fat or blood plasma there won't be any adverse reactions and the results look and feel very natural," he added.

Aime, who is from Edinburgh, said that she is happy with the results and that she recommends the procedure for those looking to improve their skin.

"I'm very happy with it - it's a brilliant result and I would definitely recommend it. The procedure makes such a great improvement to your skin in terms of pigmentation, texture and in other ways," she said, according to Daily Mail.

"The laser part was a little uncomfortable but it was very quick, it only took a few minutes. Some people won't like the discomfort but it's worth it. After you've had a bit of downtime your skin just looks amazing," Aime added. "I decided to have the procedure done because I knew that it would be rejuvenating and I knew I would see results. It's actually a really good procedure to have because its all working in tune with the skin. I wanted my skin to be more youthful."

She said that a lot of people have noticed a real difference in her appearance. "They think I look fresh or that I've been on holiday. It's a great treatment," she said.