You can't make this stuff up. Christina Salinas, of Rough and Ready, Calif. (yes, it's a real place), made headlines this week when her husband called 9-1-1 after she bit his penis over an argument about the rodeo.

Apparently the quarrel began at the Penn Valley Rodeo when Anthony Hill, Salinas' husband, wanted to leave the rodeo early, but she wanted to stay. The two argued until they got to their home, where a full-out brawl ensued.

Somehow Salinas' ex-husband, who also lives with the couple, got involved, giving Salinas the perfect opportunity to take a big chomp out of Hill's penis. Hill called 9-1-1 in the heat of the incident, but later said that he regretted doing so.

"I've assaulted her before in arguments," Hill told CBS. "We work it out and I went beyond that." For now, though, Hill's penis is healing and the injury was not life-threatening.

Hill's bitten member is probably up there on the list of strange penis injuries, but the male organ gets injured more often than one would think. Here's a list of five fairly common penis injuries :

5. Fracture: this can occur any time the penis is bent suddenly while erect.

4. Zipper-related injury: this is when a portion of the penis or testicles gets caught in the set of teeth that controls pant zippers.

3. Surface cut: this comes from attempts to shave or cut the pubic hair on or around the penis and testicles.

2. Toilet seat: this occurs when a toilet seat crushes the man's penis or scrotum.

1. Burn: this one is self-explanatory, but it happens when the penis encounters an extremely hot surface or object.