For kids, the first signs of losing baby teeth are usually terrifying and painful. Once they embrace it though, usually with the help of some money from the “tooth fairy,” it becomes a fun experience — those wiggly teeth are mighty entertaining. In Dublin, Ireland, one dad, Malcolm Swan, felt the normal ways of extracting a loose tooth were too boring for his 8-year-old son, Adam. Having just bought a quadcopter, he decided he was going to use it to pull Adam’s tooth out.

“He had a very loose tooth the day before Paddy’s day, and he was at it (the tooth) wiggling away,” Swan told Irish Radio Station RTE 2FM. “And three or four weeks ago, I got my hands on a quadcopter with remote controls, and I just said to him messing, ‘Oh, come on. Let me pull it out with that.'"

At first, Adam didn’t agree to the idea, insisting that he didn’t want to do it. But his father persisted, and one night, after seeing that the tooth was still there, he told him “If that’s not out by the morning, it’s getting pulled.” Adam went to bed and tried wiggling it till it fell out for about an hour before falling asleep. When he woke up, he decided he wanted the copter to pull it. You can see it happen below: