High-quality paternity testing DNA services have been available to consumers, both in retail stores and online, for a very long time. Additionally, due to efficient marketing campaigns, ancestry testing has substantially increased in popularity over the last decade, causing home DNA kits to become widespread.

With so many different options available on the market, it can be quite difficult for people to choose the best DNA test for ancestry . Before choosing a DNA test, it is extremely important to understand how these tests actually work, how accurate they are, and what information they can reveal.

What are home DNA tests and how do they work?

As their name implies, home DNA tests can be done in the comfort of our own living room. It is very important to remember that the part that can be done at home only consists of DNA extraction. The DNA analysis is always performed by a DNA professional in a licensed laboratory.

There are many misconceptions related to DNA testing and most of them originate from popular TV shows. A lot of people think that the DNA test results are available in a couple of hours. In truth, the DNA test turnaround can vary from 24 hours to 2 months, so once you’ve submitted the DNA samples, be prepared to wait. According to Ancestry, DNA processing times can vary , but most people will get their results in 6 to 8 weeks.

How are home DNA tests different from other types of DNA tests?

DNA tests can be purchased from drugstores or directly from licensed laboratories through a doctor’s office. So, how are home DNA tests different from other types of tests? The DNA tests found at drugstores are also at-home tests and they contain the necessary materials for at-home DNA-collection. In order to have the DNA analyzed, a separate fee must be paid. These tests work in a similar way to those ordered online, but can be more expensive.

Sometimes, there is some crossover between DNA tests ordered directly from laboratories and DNA tests purchased from drugstores. More often than not, you will find the exact same test, regardless of its source. It is important to mention that at-home DNA test results are not court-admissible and cannot be used to prove the paternity from a legal standpoint. However, tests purchased directly from laboratories can include the option of purchasing a licensed paternity test that can be used in court.

DNA samples offered through your doctor’s office and submitted to a licensed lab for testing will generally be more comprehensive. Additionally, for health-related tests, genetic counseling can also be offered, but the costs will be much higher than the costs of at-home DNA tests. The good news is that some tests offered through doctors, such as skin-care DNA tests, can also be found in the online stores of well-known DNA testing companies.

How are at-home DNA tests performed?

Depending on the type of test ordered and the company who provides the test, you will have to submit a sample of a cheek swab, saliva, or blood drops.

Are DNA home tests accurate?

The accuracy of DNA home tests relies on the type and number of genes examined. An algorithm is used to calculate the results and ensure that they are as accurate as possible.

What types of DNA tests can be ordered from at-home genetic testing websites?

There are many different types of DNA tests that can be ordered from these websites. Specific lifestyle-related tests can help us improve our lives and determine to learn more about ourselves. The most popular at-home DNA tests – ancestry tests will give us valuable information about our ancestors. Skin-care DNA tests can analyze our skin and give us information about the levels of collagen, antioxidants, and quality of our skin and what skincare products we should use based on our genetic makeup.

Other tests can analyze other aspects of our bodies and help us reach or ideal weight. These tests are also used by nutritionists, as they provide information about our bodies’ response to different types of food and exercise. We can also order sensitivity tests in order to learn more about our potential problems with allergies and whether or not we might have a negative reaction to peanuts, lactose, gluten, eggs, etc. Another interesting type of at-home DNA test is the DNA test for dogs that offers us information about potential health problems and lineage.

What are some of the best at-home DNA testing kits available on the market?

Some of the most popular brands of home DNA tests are MyHeritage DNA, 23andme, Ancestry.com, HomeDNA, and Living DNA. The prices of a basic DNA test can range from $59 (MyHeritage DNA and HomeDNA) to $99 (Ancestry, 23andme, LivingDNA). Based on the overall number of users, the most popular DNA testing platform is Ancestry.com, with over 7 million unique users.