The theory of human evolution posits that modern humans originated from apelike ancestors. The process took around six million years from start to finish, but that doesn’t mean we are done changing. Although it's impossible to say exactly how the future of humanity will look and function without a time machine, the team at Be Amazed compiled a list of how humans will likely change based on our society at the moment.

Different environments and demands in sexual selection help to change how organisms look over the course of evolution. According to the video, current conditions on Earth could bring about some surprising changes in our appearance. For example, due to the preference of height in sexual partners, particularly female's preference for tall men, humans may grow to become taller in the future. In addition, we may evolve to have a “mono-ethnicity” or a single human race as a result of many individuals from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds reproducing together at greater numbers than in past years. In fact, some research suggests this is already happening.

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The way our bodies function could adjust as well. For example, according to Be Amazed, the combination of decreased air quality due to pollution and more humans working and living in environments with poor oxygen quality could cause mankind to one day evolve more efficient lungs. In addition, better medicine and more knowledge about germs and infection may actually backfire and give future generations much poorer immune systems. This is because lack of exposure to germs in early life has recently been shown to have an adverse effect on the body's ability to fight off infections.

To see a complete list of all the strange and fascinating ways that humanity could evolve, watch the video below.

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