Migraines causes still aren't completely understood, but the severe headache can put a painful pause on someone’s whole day. Botox is widely known for its remarkable ability to banish wrinkles, but experts have recently discovered that the cosmetic staple also has the capacity to treat these intense headaches.

In Brit Lab’s latest video “Can Botox Cure Migraines?” the host speaks with a teacher who suffers from crippling migraines. He says a possible cure would “revolutionize” his life, and tries it out by getting 30 Botox injections in his head.

What’s the science behind Botox?

“Botox stops nerves carrying their signals; these include signals from the brain to contract muscles causing smooth, expressionless Botox faces,” the host explains. “But it seems also to stop nerves carrying sensory signals to the brain, and it came as a surprise that this helps many migraine sufferers.”

So, can Botox treat migraines? Watch the video above to see what happens when the theory is tested.

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