It might seem silly that a concoction made of just lemon and water could be a health trend, but many are raving about the benefits of the beverage. What exactly are they? This infographic from tackles that question in this new post explaining the benefits and history of drinking lemon water.

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According to the story, ancient Romans once used lemon as an antidote for poison and eventually went on to be a side item for seafood as it was thought to dissolve fishbones stuck in the throat.

More common myths that you’ve likely heard include using lemon water to rev up metabolism, which according to is not accurate. Lemon water also has no scientific support in stimulating your organs or balancing the pH in your body, as sometimes believed.

As story author Nicola Brown explains, drinking lemon water is healthy because it’s viewed as healthy. Adopting a good habit like drinking warm lemon water makes you feel healthier, which can positively impact your body in what's known as the placebo effect.

Of course drinking water is good for you and adding a natural flavor like lemon can make you sip more often. It can also be a good alternative to coffee or tea when you don’t want to consume more caffeine.

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Brown recommends drinking a warm cup of lemon water first thing in the morning as a way to rehydrate your body. It’s also beneficial to drink whenever you get the urge to snack as sometimes dehydration poses as hunger. She also encourages a post-workout lemon water to rehydrate yourself due to the loss of water from sweating. Drinking water any time of day is beneficial, so there really is no bad time to sip on lemon water.

For more information and health benefits, check out the infographic:


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