Here at Medical Daily, we’ve done extensive research on a number of possible hangover cures. First, there was Rhino horns, then Pedialyte, then Sprite, then mashed potatoes, and even a “hydration station.” But one man put his body to the ultimate test by spending one week testing different hangover cures in the name of science and, of course, in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day.

From greasy foods to “a hair of the dog that bit him,” to an actual intravenous tap (IV), Sam got drunk for one week straight and tested them all. With the help of a nurse named Lauren, Sam tested the hangover cures, then asked her to explain why they were or (in most cases) weren’t effective. On greasy food: “Alcohol upsets your stomach and [greasy food] can irritate it,” said Nurse Lauren. “The next morning when you choose to eat those greasy foods, it will only irritate your stomach more.”

So there you have it, folks. If you want to combat a serious hangover this St. Patty’s day, greasy food is definitely not the way to go. Watch the video below for more sage advice from Nurse Lauren and to watch Sam struggle through a week of hangovers.