A Chinese man whose been nicknamed "Chimp" has received the first of several surgical procedures to remove the embarrassing "fur" that covers parts of his body.

Zhang Hongming, from Chongqing located in southwest China, has a rare congenital pigmented nevus, a condition that produces giant furry patches of skin on his body.

Zhang was born covered with black birthmarks, but he did not receive any treatment because his family could not afford it, the Daily Mail reports.

"The fur was a nightmare for me since I was born," Zhang said, according to the UK newspaper.

He said that for some time he only had black birthmarks, but when he turned eight years old, his birthmarks started to grow thick black hair.

He said he grew up facing a lot of abuse and mockery and has been nicknamed things such as "monkey", "beast" and "chimp".

"Each time I see people whisper around me, I would run away," he said.

Doctors at Hua Mei Plastic Surgery Hospital agreed to provide Zhang with free treatment after hearing his story, and he has now undergone the first of six operations to remove the hair and moles covering his body.