A 57-year-old Croatian man is suing his surgeons after a botched operation resulted in him losing three inches from his penis. The operation may make you think twice before allowing a surgeon to touch such a delicate part of the body.

After being diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes a dramatic curve in the penis and which can make arousal and sex painful, Željku Nosiću decided to have an operation to alleviate his troubles, Men’s Health reported. Something went wrong while Nosiću was under the knife, and he woke up to find a large portion of his penis missing. Nosiću is now suing his surgeon, as he claims he was not warned of the possible risks of the operation before he went under.

“The surgery was supposed to help,” he told The Sun, “but I came back with half a penis.”

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According to WebMD, Peyronie's disease forms when scar tissue or plaque build inside of the penis, causing it to bend dramatically. It’s still not clear what causes the scarring, although some doctors believe past traumatic injury or even some types of medications can lead to Peyronie’s disease plaque. The disease is usually treated at first with a pill or injection, but if these fail to get rid of the plaque surgery may be necessary.

Although Nosiću claimed he was completely unaware of the possibility of losing penis length, according to Advanced Urological Care P.C., inadequate penis size is the number one complaint of men following surgery to correct the angulation caused by Peyronie’s Disease.

This is not the first time a botched surgery has left a man with a shorter penis. In 2011, a Canadian man who underwent surgery to repair a penile fracture sustained during intercourse awoke to discover that he too had lost significant length in his penis during the operation, although only about an inch. The man, a paraplegic, explained the experience as being more traumatic than losing the use of his legs.

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