Organizers of this year’s New York City Marathon have denied Matt Brown’s entry simply because he is unable to move himself throughout the race. “It’s telling me and Matt no, you can’t do this and that’s discrimination. It doesn’t make him less of a person just because I push him,” Matt’s racing partner Lucas Carr told CBS Boston.

In response to a public outcry over the matter, the marathon's organizers offered this statement to explain their stance:

“The NYC ING Marathon welcomes the largest and most diverse group of AWD entrants of any major marathon. Given the logistical complexities of hosting more than 45,000 runners on the course each year, there has been a long-standing policy that entrants must participate in the race under their own propulsion. We work very hard to accommodate hundreds of participants overcoming great odds and we are looking at potential options in this case.”

Back in January 2010 when Matt was just 15 years old, his life was changed forever following an injury sustained while playing hockey for Norwood High School in Massachusetts. Matt was paralyzed from the chest down after he received significant bruising to his spinal cord and fractured the C4 and C5 vertebrae in his neck.

The team made up of Matt and Lucas, which Lucas refers to as “one unit” rather than a team, has competed in plenty of marathons and half-marathons including the Boston Marathon two years ago. Matt encourages Lucas throughout the entire race from his specially designed three-wheel chair.

Matt hasn’t even considered giving up on joining the New York City race. “I really want to do New York. I really do like running," he said.

To follow Matt Brown’s story, visit his website or the Facebook page PRAY FOR MATT BROWN #3.