If hunger pains keep you from sticking to your diet, you may want to try eating a type of Japanese noodle that tricks you into thinking that you're full.

The noodles are called Zero Noodles and contain only ten calories in each 200 gram packet, meaning they can help you to feel full and not end up on your waistline.

The noodles are 96 percent water and contain the Asian ground root konjac, which advocates claim can reduce the calorie content of a meal by up to 500 and effectively trick your brain into thinking you have eaten a full meal.

Nutritionist Laura Lamont, of Zero Noodle's UK distributors Glow Nutrition, claims that regularly replacing pasta with Zero Noodles "dramatically" cuts calorie intake, according to the Daily Mail. Lamont also claims that the konjac in the noodles can help stabilize blood-sugar levels and prevent hunger pangs and over-indulging in food.

However other weight loss experts warned that people who want to lose weight should stick with exercise instead of fad diets, especially when their diet relies on eating Zero noodles.

"Some people will not realize that you need to eat other food with the noodles. Zero noodles contain only ten calories. That is not enough for anybody. You need at least 600 calories a day," Tam Fry, of the National Obesity Forum, said, according to Daily Mail.

"If you want to get into shape, this is one of the last diets that I would resort to," Fry concluded.

Nutritionist Kate Butler agreed with Fry. "Those wanting to diet sensibly need to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition from a sensible portion of protein and/or vegetables, eaten alongside the Zero Noodles," Fry said.