Running a few miles regularly could be the weight loss solution you’ve been looking for, but the exercise isn’t a guaranteed way to drop pounds. There are several components of running that can contribute to weight loss, according to Visually, and we’ve listed some of them.

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  • Practice regular yet diverse runs. Effective running routines include interval and hill workouts, in addition to long and recovery runs; a balance of all four is key.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough calories, but not too many. Your body turns food into energy, so you need a lot of fuel for a good workout.
  • Don’t give into “runger,” which is the unofficial phenomenon of post-run insatiable hunger.

Visually suggests energy balls as a pre-run snack, which are eaten about one hour before your workout. They’re super easy to make; try this recipe from Running on Veggies.

Don't forget to mix in some interval training. Running exercises a specific group of muscles, but you can’t neglect the rest of the body. Strength training is important for losing weight and avoiding injuries.

Want to know more about how to lose weight by running? Check out the graphic below.


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