Blackheads are little bumps embedded into the pores of our skin, usually yellowish or blackish in color and considered to be the first stage of acne that form before bacteria invade the pores of our skin, which in turn results in infection and inflammation.

Blackheads are formed due to stimulation of the oil gland or the sebaceous glands in the skin. The excess oil gets occluded in the pores. This resulting ball of accumulated oil, when exposed to air, turns black in color.

Blackheads can also occur due to improper skin hygiene, excessive use of moisturizers, foundations or sun screens. We need to cleanse our skin thoroughly. Over-scrubbing, however, has been found to be one of the reasons for skin's anomalies and irritation. This will result in increased oil production and clogging of the pores, which, in turn, aggravates acne.

Although excessive oil is not beneficial, our skin needs a small amount to stay healthy. We list out seven simple home-remedies that you can try out for a blackheads-free face:

1. Mix baking soda and with equal amount of water in your hand and rub gently on your skin for two to three minutes. Rinse with warm water.

2. A paste of ground radish seeds with water can be applied on face to remove blackheads.

3. Make a soft paste of either oatmeal or almond powder mixed with rose water. Rub the easily spreading paste on your skin with your fingers. Apply a tad more over blackheads. Allow it to dry for about 15 minutes. Rinse off with cold water.

4. Take one and a half cup of hot water. Mix it with half a tablespoon of boric powder and make it into a solution. Immerse a face napkin in this hot solution and apply it as a press on the skin

5. Steaming sessions lasting a maximum of 10 minutes at a time is considered excellent to clean out pores and loosen blackheads. Steaming can be done as often as twice a week.

6. Use blackhead remover sterile cotton wool while extracting blackheads.